DHC29™ & BC 10™

The DHC29™ and BC10™ products that we use in well treatments were designed and developed by BioConcepts®. The live bacteria used in BC10™ has been selected and adapted to degrade the spectrum of paraffin that can exist in oil and gas wells. The bacteria use the paraffin in their metabolic activity. In the digestion process, the bacteria control paraffin deposition by reducing the length of the paraffin molecule and by producing by-products that act as surfactants and paraffin solvents. The bacteria will colonize the entire production system and seek out paraffin as a food source. Unlike conventional methods, such as chemicals or hot oiling, which are temporary and limited to the well bore; DPS Microbial treatments open formations and continuously work to provide control of paraffin, iron sulphides and asphaltenes. The result is a more efficient and effective treatment.

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